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Athlete management
Directly invite your athletes to join. Organize them into teams and navigate between them easily. And athletes join for free!
Instant collaboration
Communication is a coach's most valuable tool. Leave and receive comments, specify workout details, and request updates. All saved for historical lookbacks.
Deep analysis
Once your athlete uploads a workout file from a supported Garmin device you can go to work. Drill down into every step with extensive displays, charts, and maps.
Metric tracking
Athletes can enter daily metrics like resting heart rate, sleep hours, and weight. Keep a record of progress and make adjustments in their plan.
Workout library
Save your best workouts to the coach's log. Keep them updated with athlete feedback and use them to build training plans.
Multi-athlete workout planner
No more repetition. Instead, efficiently assign similar athletes similar workouts. But there's still the option to individualize them before they get sent out.
Alerts and notifications
Important information surfaces immediately. If an athlete is missing workouts, is underperforming, or has a major swing in metrics you'll get an alert.
Reports and rollups
Get daily and weekly reports with aggregate stats and athlete progress. Use these valuable insights to identify areas that need attention.
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